You know what’s got to suck more than no turkey on Thanksgiving?

Your marriage breaking up right before the holidays. Sheesh. Poor Lisa Marie . Heartbreak Hotel, indeed. I feel bad for Nic Cage too, but at least he doesn’t have the whole Elvis thing hanging over him.

In other news, I am in love. Or, as in love as a happily married woman can be with a fictional television character.

Say it with me, all who know: Jordan Catalano.


Yes, I broke down and bought My So Called Life on DVD. I deserved it! I did! And he is just…he’s just so amazing. And let me clarify: it’s not Jared Leto I like. It’s Jordan.

Again: *swooooon* It’s teen angst all day, all the time, around here. At least until I get through all the episodes.

In yet more news, this is one of my favorite days of the whole year. Because there’s all this potential: it’s the day before a four day weekend, the day before turkey and mashed potatoes, the day when everyone else is travelling and I don’t have to. When I was working at the Burrito, I always had to work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which usually kind of sucked, since everyone goes out since they’re cooking tomorrow, usually with Grandma and Uncle Bob in tow. Even worse, though, was working the Friday after, when it was all these same people but they’d been cooped up in the house with each other and too much poultry for twenty-four hours. Yikes. Sometimes I am wistful for my Burrito days. Sometimes, not.

Anyway. Happy Pre-Thanksgiving to you and yours. I’m going to make sausage balls….

Have a good day!