It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I have a stomachache. Something tells me I am probably not the only one.


It’s the biggest shopping day of the year, and you could not PAY me to go near a mall. I hate crowds. There’s nothing worse than having to fight people to get to the Banana Republic clearance rack. I’ll just wait until Monday, and slip in quietly to pick over what’s left.

Oh, right, Christmas shopping. I guess a new cashmere sweater for me should not be my top priority. Others, Sarah. Think of others!

Yesterday, while making pie and other Thanksgiving goodies, I watched an entire marathon of Making the Band II, and subsquently, I’m now addicted. Here’s a shocker: I’m kind of fascinated by Puffy Coombs. Can’t say why. Just am. Anyone who can conduct business and get a pedicure at the same time and still seem wholly professional is an inspiration to me. I’m lucky if I can show up at meetings and not have dog hair all over me. But that’s me.

And now it’s lunchtime, and I have a fridge packed with leftovers. Then, maybe, a nap. Ahhhhhh.

Hope you all had a good turkey day. And how cool is it we still have a whole weekend?
I love this time of year.

have a good day everyone…