La la la la la….Last day of classes!

It’s always a little sad. We meet, hand in final papers, I give awards for perfect attendance (I know it’s nerdy, but they deserve *something*) and then we take a group picture and I let them go. Back out into the world. Hopefully, they’ve learned something. If nothing else, they now know entirely too much about what movies and TV shows I like. Not that that’s a good thing, necessarily. But I’ll take what I can get.

It’s supposed to sleet/rain/snow here tomorrow. Add that to the eclipse that is supposedly happening somewhere (very much affecting my sign, according to, and everything feels a little bit in flux. Maybe that explains why I’m exhausted.

It’s weird, with those astrology forecasts, because they tell you exact days that will be crappy or good. I’m not sure I want to know when I’m going to have a bad day. I mean, I’m trying to be positive here. Being that I was raised with a expect-the-worst-you’ll-always-be-pleasantly-surprised mindset (it’s a New England/Puritan thing) I’m trying my best to get away from that kind of thinking. It’s hard to break old habits, but I try.

*clears throat*

Todays is going to be a really, really good day. Really!

I feel better already.

have a good day everyone…