Just a quick entry to thank everyone who sent me warm wishes. Unfortunately, we still don’t have power….and the power company sent out a press release yesterday saying it might be Saturday before it comes back on. (For those of you keeping track, that would be ten days we’d have been in the dark.) The good news is that my husband (who I love love love during this ordeal, even more than usual) managed to get our generator working (with the help of a couple of friends, who I also love love love right now) and it’s hooked up to our main line in some sort of a way (by our friend who is an electrician, so no worries) so now we can run our heat and have water for short periods of time. Thank God. We are so fortunate.

(I am also sick. Ugh! But enough complaining.)

I am afraid, though, that tempers are running high. I would not want to be answering phones at the power company right now. Apparently some guys came in and cut the trees off the lines in our neighborhood yesterday, so at least they know we’re here. Maybe they’ll come today? Maybe?

(I am hopeful.)

I am also grateful, because in this situation you really find out who your friends are. So, a brief mention here of David and Bianca, Tioga, Darak, and all of our neighbors who gave us firewood when we had none. I love love love you all, even if you don’t read this livejournal and will never know it. (Can you tell I’m a little emotional? It’s the sleep deprivation, I think).

have a good day everyone!