Oh Lord. What a week.

I feel like I’ve been in an alternate universe. Last night, as I sat at the Flying Burrito eating my enchiladas (comfort food at my comfort place) all I could think is that I was supposed to be in London, seeing Rent. I was supposed to be vacationing, shopping, soaking up culture, all that. Instead, I’m just incredibly grateful that our toilets can now flush and that the house isn’t 38 degrees.

Seven days without power. Some people around here are STILL out, can you even believe that? I had a sort of breakdown yesterday when I realized that instead of having a week to rest up and prepare for the holidays and all that accompanies it, I’ll be embarking with a serious energy depletion. But again, it’s hard to complain. I mean, at least we have power.

Highlights of the last week included:

*the sound, on the first morning, of trees breaking in the darkness (snap!snap!) and flashes in the distance, which I thought was lightening until I realized it was transformers blowing.

*dinners by candlelight, wrapped in multiple layers of fleece, noshing on squeeze cheese and ritz crackers

*sitting in front of the fire and STILL being able to see my breath

*my dogs waking me up the night we took them to Bianca’s, at one am, and me having to leash and walk them around the apartment complex, in my pajamas, freezing, while they did absolutely nothing, and all I could think was I swear I am just going to keep walking, and walking, until I gets somewhere where things are better than this

*seeing the cop cars parked right outside of Duke Power, to prevent people more frustrated than me from taking vigilante type action

*and the night before last, the first night in a week I actually slept, and my cold started to go away and I woke up feeling better, like things were better, all was better, finally.

Anyway. It was an ordeal. It’s over. Let’s move on.

Today I’m going to try to make a dent in my Christmas shopping. I have a list, the money I saved up for London, and I’m heading to the mall. I think if I at least get some stuff bought I’ll feel better, more prepared. Or at least I’m hoping so.

Thanks again for all the nice words from everyone. I never have any idea how many people read this silly stuff I write, but it’s nice to know people were thinking of me.

have a good day, everyone….