So last night I’m watching VH1, and there’s this special on called Jen Loves Ben. It’s all about J-Lo and Ben Affleck (of course) with “experts” from US Weekly (which, in the name of full disclosure, I subscribe to) and other magazines talking about, well, Jen and Ben. I’m just sitting there, somewhat absorbed, when my husband, who is beside me on the couch—reading, no less—says, “I’m embarrassed that this is what the world has come to.”

I turn and look at him. He continues. “I’m embarassed that this is on television. I’m embarrassed that we’re watching it.” (Meaning I’m watching it, because, as usual, I had totally commandeered the remote, as I am wont to do.)

And people, for a second, I felt: shame. Really. How can I, during a time when the world is in turmoil, when people are starving, devote even one minute of my life to the concerns of Jen and Ben? Why do we care? Who ARE these people?

It is, you know, a deep thought.

Anyway, I changed the channel. We flipped over to Jeff Corwin, who was postulating about a snake that had eaten a chameleon. Much more educational. The sad fact is, if I’d been by myself, I would have totally just sat there and watched the entire Jen and Ben thing. Because I am Just That Shallow.


Today, I continue my Christmas shopping. Only a few gifts to go! (I think I will collapse, though, when my January credit card bill comes. Maybe I should stock some smelling salts. Or sedatives.) I will try to make it a Jen and Ben free day, I will be deep and profound, I will think about Important Issues.


have a good day, everyone…