I am *trying* to get into the full holiday spirit. Is it just me, or is it hard this year?

Maybe it’s that I lost a week to the ice storm. Or that there was one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas to really rev up. I don’t know. I just feel…unenthused. And while playing my Mariah Carey album helps, I need more.

Last night, we bought a tree. We went to Johnny’s Sporting Goods, on Main Street in Carrboro, where my husband buys crickets for his lizards. (Don’t ask.) Anyway, Johnny is now in the pumpkin business in October and sells trees for Christmas. When we got there, he said he didn’t have any small trees, they were all gone. (We have to have a tree we can put on the table, because otherwise Monkey, the puppy, will pull it down and destroy it, most likely in a matter of seconds.) But there was one small-ish tree, which Johnny then trimmed down with a chainsaw (happy holidays!) while we stood and watched. Now we have this totally cute little tree on on our dining room table. I decorated it and left the lights on for awhile last night, just sat on the couch and watched them blink. It made me feel more festive, I must say.

I think part of my problem is that last year Christmas was really hard. We had to put our dog down the day after (happy holidays!) so the day of, the day before, all of it was just filled with this undescribable dread, as were the weeks leading up to the holidays. It was just all so sad, and yet we still had to go do the family stuff and open gifts and all that. And then he was gone.


(God, this entry is turning into such a downer. I’m sorry.)

My point is, though, that life DOES go on. And that even if you can’t summon up the holiday spirit on command, you can still try and remember all the good things you have. One of my Christmas traditions is to send out cards to all our friends and family, and they’ve always had a picture of our dogs on them. My friend Leigh called me yesterday to say that she loved the card, but it sort of made her sad because Elwood wasn’t on it. And I said, yeah, I know what you mean. But then I look over at our puppy, who I love so much—even if he does destroy things on a daily basis—and my other dog, Scout, and I think, things are better than last year. Everything is going to be all right. It is.

So, to all of you: Happy Holidays. From mine to yours.

have a great day, everyone….