I ordered a new computer, and I think it might arrive today.


I think my old computer—this one I’m writing on now—knows. It keeps acting up, crashing twice yesterday so I had to turn it off, then wait what felt like ten years for it to boot up and check itself for damage. I got this computer back in 1999, and it’s been very good to me. But I’ve grown, changed: what we want to do, now, are different things. It’s not you, computer, it’s me. I’m sorry.

(I’m having a major high school flashback to all the times I got dumped, suddenly. I got dumped a LOT in high school. There was this church, next to the Burger King downtown, that I called the dumping ground because I always got dumped there, in the front of the church. I actually got dumped by a guy there while his best friend waited in his car in the parking lot beside, beeping the horn now and then to hurry him up. How sad is that? You know what’s even sadder? I married the horn beeping guy, in the end. I mean, life is just so weird. Really.)

Speaking of flashbacks, last night on VH1—what is up with me and VH1 lately?—they had this whole 80’s thing, an entire show on 1982, which was, for those of you keeping track, my seventh grade year. I wanted to change the channel, go to bed, and yet I was transfixed, just sitting there, remembering all this stuff: Joanie loves Chachi, A Flock of Seagulls, leg warmers. Sheesh. 1983 was coming up next, but I thought, enough is enough. Nostalgia, like so much else, is best taken in moderation.

Today I’m also donating to the annual NC Food Bank food drive, which I like to do every year. You should have seen me in Costco earlier this week, loading tons of canned food and soup and pasta packs onto the belt for checkout. The woman behind me in line was looking at me strangely, and I said, “Food Drive,” and she said, “Oh, I just thought you must have a lot of people coming for Christmas.” I can just imagine that Christmas meal: canned corn for everyone!

have a good day, everybody…….