So I got my new computer and I love it. It is lightning fast. Whereas before I had to turn on my computer, then go busy myself reading a few chapters of a book or running on the treadmill for awhile while it booted up, this one does it, like, instantly. Amazing.

However, when I went to download the Livejournal program I’ve always downloaded on my other computers, I got a bit freaked, because there are now all these options and I’m concerned about downloading something that’s going to screw up my new machine. Anybody out there download a windows client lately they can recommend? I am pretty much not computer-savvy, so any advice would be much appreciated. Ben, are you out there????

In other news, tonight is our annual Christmas Party. We’ve been having it, in one form or another, since right after high school, and it’s one of the only times of the year I get to see The Old Crowd. Always a little stressful—last year there was a pie-in-the-face incident—but always fun, this marks the officially beginning to my holiday season. I am just hoping that we have enough food. (I bought enough appetizers to feed a small nation, I think.)Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post sometime soon.

have a good day everyone!