So: the big day is about here. Merry almost-Christmas.

I skipped a couple of days because I was a)recovering from our Christmas party and b)doing the last of my shopping and trying to be festive, as well as take a few days off from my normal routine. I went to see Two Week’s Notice, which was not bad at all—although I wouldn’t say it was great, either. It was one of those movies that if you go in with absolutely no expectations, you might be pleasantly surprised. (I’ve heard it’s the same for the new J Lo flick, too.) But isn’t that kind of sad, when you really think about it? I mean, is that what it takes now to go to the movies: having no hope for anything to be good at all, ever again? (I know, I know, The Lord of the Rings movie is supposed to be great but I’m not *in* to that, sorry, there I said it, hate me forever, I feel better for confessing.)

I want to see more movies in the coming year. I want to hang out with my friends more. I want to stop being so obsessive about, well, everything. And I want to write another book, get a decent haircut, teach my dog to do that trick where he can balance a biscuit on his nose. I want to *calm down* (so that everyone can finally stop telling me to), to better my mile’s time on the treadmill, to sleep in once in a while. But most of all I want to stop thinking so much and start doing. Something. Anything. Maybe just living.

And so, today, on Christmas Eve, as I wrap the last of my gifts and brace myself to run the family holiday gauntlet, I am going to try and work on all these things. Just as soon as I eat a few big dinners, watch some DVD’s, and spend a little time just watching the lights on my Christmas tree blink on and off, on and off. Ahhh. That’s nice.

I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you. And have a good day……