Good morning.

So yesterday I began what I am calling The Movie Cure. Which is me, going to as many movies as possible in the next few days in order to shake this blah feeling that always seems to hit at the tail end of the year. Last week I went to see Two Weeks Notice (cute not great) and yesterday, Catch Me If You Can (pretty darn good). I have to say this was a long movie that didn’t *feel* long: I was very much entertained. And I just love Leo, I’m sorry but I do, it’s among my other dirty secrets that I saw Titanic a ridiculous number of times in the movie theatre and then bought it on VHS the day it came out.

(Oh, the shame. Why do I confess these things to you? Why am I such a total nerd? These, and other questions, are for pondering another time. I think.)

So. Thumbs up to those two, and today I go J. Lo. I am walking in with no expectation, wanting only a little bit of diversion and a fair amount of popcorn. Low expectations is the way to go!

In other news, I’ve been bopping around on the looking at movie trailers on the Quicktime site. I have to say that How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days looks like just my kind of chick flick movie. It was filming in Toronto at the same time as How to Deal, and I was desperate for a Matthew Mcconaughey sighting. No luck there, unfortunately, but the movie looks good. I got that happy feeling watching the trailer, at any rate.

I wonder when the How to Deal trailer will turn up? Won’t that be the coolest? I am sure I will be shrieking. Should be sometime soon, right?

(You would think I would be more in the loop, but I am not. Completely loop-less. At least for the time being.)

have a good day, everyone…..