It’s a big day for us here in N.C. First, John Edwards, our senator, announces a run for the presidency (which is a surprise to absolutely no one around here, we’ve all been hearing about it for ages.) But then, as I’m sitting drinking coffee and trying (unsucessfully!) to balance my checkbook, Good Morning America announces its new book club selection. And it’s my friend Lee’s new book, The Last Girls.

(for more info on the book and the GMA club, go here.)

I whooped, jumped, shrieked. My dogs started barking. I am so, so happy for her, and hopefully this means even more people will find and read this tremendous book. See? Good things DO happen to those who truly deserve them.

(Although it was recommended to a book club comprised of guys who discuss books during the halftime of Monday Night Football. I’m not sure they’re going to, you know, get the book, but maybe that’s not the point. The point is a lot of people follow this book club, and this will really get it out there. Again: good things, good people.)

In other news, I am still waiting for my L.A. cousins to post details of the How to Deal poster. I am warning you all: if you don’t let me know what it looked like soon, I’m going to call you. I have your number. Don’t think I won’t do it!

have a good day, everyone…..