Again, with many many thanks to the cousins:


In other news, I’m worried I’m becoming a bit of a book snob. Maybe I’ve been teaching too long, or something. But I’ve been reading this book and the sentence structure is making me so crazy I’ve had to put it aside. It’s what I call “Jackie Collins sentences” (although this is not a Jackie Collins book, I’m not going to say who wrote it because I don’t want to tempt my karma). Example:

So I knew that I had to do something.
But I wasn’t sure what. I could have met him at the bar.
Or maybe not.
This was my problem.
And it was a problem.
One I wasn’t sure, really, I could deal with.

To this I say: oh, my God. It’s called a paragraph! Look into it! I don’t mind this kind of stuff if you use it SPARINGLY and for EMPHASIS. But otherwise, it makes my head hurt.

(See? Book snob.)


have a good day (weekend) everyone….