Ahhh, the first day of the semester. When I come back to find my mailbox crammed full (oops, haven’t checked it since around Dec. 5th) and several small crises awaiting me. All I could think as I walked in the cold from the parking lot, though, was that on the last day of this term it will be warm, and nice, and summer will feel close enough to touch. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, there was a syllabus to copy. Notecards to hand out. Undergrads watching me warily, not laughing at my jokes (which, in all fairness, are probalby not funny at all, anyway.) Everyone is always silent and hesitant the first day, but it’s still strange. I am only teaching one class semester, which feels so decadent, I’ll be home for lunch most days. Ahhhhh. Of course, that is when the real work starts. But I can’t complain, I really can’t.

I did NOT watch Joe Millionare last night, and I will not watch the Bachelorette tonight. (Although, in the small world category, the Bachelorette, Trista, is friends with my cousin Michael’s fiance, Ashley: they were both dancers for the Miami Heat.) This does not, however, make me virtuous. I just can only take so much “reality” in my televison viewing, to be honest. Too much and I start to yearn for happy endings in thirty minutes or less, perfect hair every day, and all that. Although I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist the new American Idol. I guess we’ll have to see.

have a good day everyone…..