Good morning.

As I write this, I am surrounded by crickets. My husband keeps lizards, and every other week he gets about a thousand crickets from a local fishing store to feed them. Which is fine: the crickets aren’t the loud, chirping type, so it’s not a big deal. Occasionally I’ll see a cricket crossing the living room, or walking up the wall in the bathroom, but they don’t bother me. I mean, it’s not roaches. It’s crickets. And they’re lucky, so it’s all good.

However: every once in a while, there is a cricket escape, i.e. somehow the box which holds them gets tipped over, or something, and a bunch get loose all at once. Which is what happened last night. Now, as I turn and look behind me, I see, let’s see….at least ten, probably more, making their way down the hallway like they have urgent business to attend to. There are a bunch on the stairs, and in the kitchen…they’re everywhere. My husband dropped this information oh-so-casually as he left for work at 6am this morning, telling me when I was half asleep so it didn’t really sink in until I woke up and saw a bunch walking around the bedroom. Good God.

(See, I’m hard to live with. I hog the remote, I insist on watching chick flicks all the time, I never get up to feed the dogs early on Sundays, and it takes me ages to find something to wear when we go out to dinner. But I have to put up with stuff, too. Like this. Welcome to marriage.)

Hey: but it’s Friday. (And yes, I *am* sure.) I survived the first week of classes, always a challenge, it’s a nice day, and I’m going to get my hair cut. So even with the crickets, I can’t complain. I’ll just have to walk carefully, stepping around them, until they find their way out of the house, en masse, and head off to wherever crickets go.

Have a good day, everyone….