Well, as another week begins, there are things to marvel at. Like, the fact that “Just Married,” which got horrible reviews, debuted at number one at the box office (knocking off the Two Towers to boot) and made 18 milllion dollars. I mean, I like Kelso as much as the next person, but you have to admit that’s a bit surprising. Something to ponder, at least.

I didn’t do much this weekend, which was very nice, I must say. I tend to get sort of reclusive in the winter, don’t feel like going out, content to sit on the couch and watch TV, waiting for better weather and springtime. I did catch an episode of MTV’s new show, “Made,” which was all about a girl who’ s really into drama at her school who decides she wants to be a cheerleader. So MTV sets her up with a personal trainer, a cheerleading coach, all this stuff, to help her achieve this dream. It was one of those things where I just couldn’t change the channel, even when I wanted to, because I had to see if she made it. Also, there was the hmmmm factor, as in, Hmmmm, when I was in high school the drama folks would rather have had to wear primary colors than be forced into cheerleading. (They were an emotional, all black wearing group, for the most part. They always seemed to be weeping or on the verge of weeping.) Anyway, compelling TV, I must say.

Today it is cold and grey and they are predicting snow for Thursday night, which is giving me power outage flashbacks. (Oh, Lord, please no!) Doesn’t it seem like Janurary and February are the hardest months to get through? But we will, people. We will!

In other news, my friend Leigh called me last night to inform me that one of our local theatres has a poster for How to Deal up in the lobby. I am such a nerd that I am considering going over there this afternoon just to see it up close. Although I’m not sure I can bear the certain humiliation of asking the guy at the door if I can just come in right quick to check out this one movie poster, how much of a freak will I look like? Maybe they’ll just think I’m a really big Mandy fan. Or something.

have a good day everyone…..