Update: I just went to the theatre to see the poster. And, yes, the people working there thought I was a total freak. Or a Mandy Moore fanatic. Or something.

Excerpt from real conversation:

Me: I was just wondering if you knew if that movie was coming here, or if you just have the poster but it might come someplace else?

Them: Which movie?

Me: The Mandy Moore one.

(They exchange looks. You know the look I mean.)

Me: Look, the only reason I’m asking is that I wrote the books it’s based on. I’m not a Mandy Moore stalker or anything.

Them: Oh, it’s good you told us that. Otherwise we probably would have made fun of you after you left!

(Like they didn’t anyway. Oh, well.)

It was all worth it to see my name in small but totally readable print along the bottom line of the credits. Joy! Joy!
Who cares about humiliation?????

(At least not right now. Later, I will probably have a cringe or two.)

have a good night everyone!!!