It’s amazing to me how much time I can waste on pretending to book trips to exotic locales. In the last half hour I’ve priced deluxe vacations to The Bahamas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. It’s just too fun making all the decisions like I’m actually going someplace. It’s like the game I play with the Crate and Barrel catalogue when it comes, where I sit down, pen in hand, and act like I can buy whatever I want but I’m just being really judicious about what I need. Oh, the fun of an active imagination.

It’s cold here today, and snow is predicted for later in the week, which is probably why I’m daydreaming about Spring Break, which is two months away. I never did the Spring Break Thing when I was in college. No Daytona Beach, jello shots, wet T-shirt contests for me, no sir. I was too busy picking up shifts at the restaurant from all the people who were going to places, to make extra money. One spring break I went to Elizabeth City, NC. Oh, the glamour! (But I did get to hang with my friend Charlotte, who I love.)

Now that I still get spring break, but as a teacher, I’ve taken a few trips, always to visit family. But this year I really want to *go* someplace and have a real trip, fun hotel, all that. I’ve been to Vegas and had a terrible time (not entirely the fault of Vegas, I might add) and I wouldn’t mind going back there. I just want to go somewhere warm and sit in a pool and drink something with a little umbrella in it. Ah, yes. That would be nice.

I have to go, a student just arrived. Excitement!

have a good day, everyone….