The top story on Google News right now: the new Harry Potter is due out June 21st. Good for you, Ms. Rowling.
They said on NPR it’s something like 750 pages. Yikes!

Talk about pressure, I can’t even *imagine* what it must be like to be trying to write with the entire world breathing excitedly down your neck. If I was her, I would have had to go to some deserted island, cut off from communication completely, and still have a to have a minor breakdown before even being able to start. But that’s me. She’s probably not nearly so neurotic.

Speaking of neurotic, they’re predicting two inches of snow here tomorrow night. I am already making lists of everything I must do in case the power goes off: fill bathtubs with water (well pump is electric) find candles, put batteries in radio, wash blankets, stock up on liquor. (Okay, that last was a joke. Sort of.) Mostly I am just going to hope to wake to plain snow, piled up here and there, and the heat still on. Oh, please God.

*crosses fingers*

have a good day everyone….