You know those moments when you might be having a little pity party and then you see something that makes you think, wow, now *that* is a real problem?

This morning I’m watching Good Morning America and they have this piece about the amount of sponges and surgical tools that are left in people every year after surgeries. As in, they just forget there’s a clamp in you, or something, and sew you up and you go home and don’t even know it until you’re in an insane amount of pain. (For a better summary, go here.) And then they show this guy, who just sued his hospital for leaving this ENORMOUS piece of equipment in him. I mean, it looked like a ruler, it was that big. And he had it in him for TWO MONTHS before he finally went and they X rayed him and figured it out. Two months!

Like I said, things could be much worse. They can always be much worse. That’s just how the world works. Reality check? Thank you.

In other news, the snow hysteria continues. All last night on the news, the anchors kept saying “We have winter weather coming our way!’ and fanning the flames thusly, but then when they threw it over to the weather person she’d just backpedal and say, “Well, it’s really hard to say because the storm is still two thousand miles away, but it looks like we might get some snow, maybe.” And then they’d cut to footage of people mobbing the grocery store for bread and milk. I mean, really.

(However, I think I was a bit too flip about all this last time. So I’ll stop with this commentary now, just to be on the safe side.)

have a good day, everyone….