Today, it is gray and cold and they’re predicting sleet, snow, or a mix of the two. Sneet? Slow? You get the idea.

Yesterday, it was beautiful. Warm for the first time in ages, and I suddenly remembered that I never planted my spring bulbs back in December, or November, when you’re supposed to do such things. (Things are just getting away from me these days…movies, flowers, cleaning out the fridge. I’m not sure why, other than maybe it’s because I’m getting ready to start writing again, and things do just fall away when that happens.) Anyway, so yesterday afternoon we’re out digging holes, dropping in bulb booster,and planting tulips. Some of them have already started to sprout in the bag (a bad sign, I think) but I plant them anyway, feeling optimistic. I remember last year when the first tulip bloomed and I thought, yes, finallly, I see the end to this long, sad winter. I want to feel that way in April, or March, or whenever they come up. So I planted them with high hopes, albeit late. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

In other news, American Idol II starts tonight, and I am going to do my best to resist. It is like an evil vortex, sucking you in: once you start, you can’t stop, and it goes on FOREVER. Hopefully, there will be something else on. Oh Lord please.

Also, I want to give a plug to my new friend Joe Weisberg, whose book 10th Grade has just come out in paperback with a spiffy new cover. My cousin Ben was saying a few months back that there just aren’t that many books told from a teenage boy’s point of view, and well at that: this one is good, I promise. And while I’ve only been in contact with him over email, Joe seems like a really nice guy as well. Read his book, it’s good!

have a good day everyone….