Don’t you love waking up to good news?

(I’m not happy that Renee is putting on pounds, even though the article focuses on that: I’m just happy they’re doing another Bridget movie, because I love love loved the first one. It was the very first DVD I bought, and is probably the one I’ve watched most.)

It is very cold here today. (There must be some Toros in the atmosphere! That’s a movie joke…some of you may get it, some may not. I know my cousin Anna will, at any rate.) My husband informed me that Friday night it is supposed to be 8. Not eighteen, not eighty. Eight. I mean, really. This IS the South, isn’t it? Aren’t be supposed to be immune to temperatures like that? The summers are getting hotter, the winters colder. Uh-oh. Cannot be good.

Oh, well. Can’t control the weather. Can’t control anything, really. (See: politics, impending war, terrorism, smallpox, etc.) Might as well go shopping. Don’t you love it when you have a store credit, so you can shop without even really spending money? I have one at Hecht’s for, like, eleven dollars. Watch me go!

(I’m realizing I sound kind of manic in this entry, reading over it. I think I’ve just had too much coffee. I’m fine, really. 🙂

have a good day everyone….