Well: it looks like the movie’s been pushed back again. Now it’s slated to open July 18th. Which is so much longer to wait! Oh, well. I think it might have a better chance reaching an audience in the summer anyway. There are always so many sequels, and shoot-em-ups, and all that, that maybe a little chick movie might be just what we all need.

(Not to say it’s not kind of a bummer. I’m the most impatient person in the world, truly, and I *hate* having to wait. So this will be good for me. It will!)

In other news, today is the Superbowl. Now, I’m not much into football, I have to tell you. It’s always moved too slowly for me (see above, about being impatient). That’s why I love college basketball: it’s fast, back and forth, something always happening. Football, to me, consists of a lot of standing around and getting into position. It’s all stops and starts.

But: the Superbowl. I like the Superbowl. Of course, I love the commercials. (Who doesn’t?) But I also am really into the food. In the past, I’ve made seven layer dip, Velveeta dip, pigs in a blanket, all of that. One year my friend Mike G. came over and made this dip with Neese’s country sausage AND Velveeta. Which was good, for awhile, until it settled into your stomach like a ton of bricks. Ugh. The day after the Superbowl is all about salads, for me. But today, I intend to indulge. I’m about to go trolling for some great new recipe on the Internet. Must be some dip I haven’t tried yet.

Have a good day, everyone….