Did you know that in California the highs have been in the eighties?


I am so tired of being cold. Really.

Okay, okay, enough bitching about the weather. So I’ll complain about something else. (It is January, after all….I’m allotted a fair amount of whining for the next month or so.) Last night I watched Bridezillas on Fox, even though my husband pointed out that by doing so—and by watching all the other reality shows—that I am contributing to the downfall of civilization as we know it. I think he’s right.

Bridezillas was ridiculous. They had the Princess Bride, the Obsessive Bride, the Neurotic Bride (isn’t that redundant?). We got to see men being treated VERY badly for not caring about flowers. Wedding planners screaming at photographers. One icy bride who wouldn’t even let her groom touch her, even after the wedding. (Talk about a bad sign.) I felt dirty and ashamed when it was all over.

I was a bride, not all that long ago. And it’s no picnic, all that planning and stress. I had my moments. But I would *never* agree to let someone tape me while i decompressed over the guest list. I mean, really. Think, people! But that’s the thing. Everyone wants to be on TV these days. What used to be secret, hidden, is now fodder for millions. It’s a little scary.

I am swearing off reality shows, as of right now. Only Will and Grace, Friends, and CSI for me from now on. I mean it!

have a good day everyone….