Well, I’m off today for a vacation. My first in AGES, I might add. Okay, so I’m going to NYC, where it is 1)colder than it is here and 2) possibly snowing, but hey, I’m not complaining. I need a break.

I am the most obsessive packer ever. I just can’t relax about whether I’ve forgotten anything, sure that there’s something crucial that I’ll only remember the minute I get on the plane. My husband has pointed out (repeatedly, I might add) that New York most likely has just about anything I might need. But still. I’m a checker. Can’t help it. I check the alarm clock, whether I have my ticket, the time of my flight. I get to the airport hours early. I think everyone had their travelling neurosis, but I can’t help but wonder if mine isn’t a bit over the top.


(But I am really happy to be getting away. I brought the big suitcase with extra room, all the better for shopping. Yay!)

have a good weekend, everyone….