So, I went to NYC. Had one great afternoon and night. And then, I got sick.

Sick! Can you even believe that? I know, it stinks. But I still had a great time. I just got in this whole denial-I’m-gonna-power-through-no-matter-what mode, which worked until yesterday, when Iarrived home and promptly collapsed. I slept for eleven and a half hours last night. And I could have slept more. In fact, I plan on getting back into bed as soon as possible.

Everyone is sick, so at least I’m not in this alone. I can’t seem to have a conversation with anyone without having them pause to sneeze, or blow their nose, or cough up part of a lung. It’s just that time of year, I guess.

But New York was great. I got to see my cousins—though, due to the sick part, not as many as I wanted to—and shop (hello, Bendels!) and eat lots of good food. I even got what had to be the most decadent facial in existence. Ahhhhhh.

So now I’m home, and, aside from the sick part, feeling good. It’s going to be really warm here today and I plan to sit outside in what sun I can find and read a good book. Breathe in that clean, country air. Listen to the sound of….nothing. (I love New York, but damn is it noisy.) It’s nice when you can go away and come back to find out, for sure, that where you are is absolutely where you belong.

have a good day, everyone……