So I feel like I had to battle a monsoon this morning to get here. Sheesh.

It was raining so hard that even with an umbrella I got soaked. Plus it’s dark, still, the kind of day where you really just want to roll over and go back to sleep, especially if you’re sick. Honestly.

(But it isn’t cold. If it was cold, that would be much worse. Things can *always* be worse. It’s all about looking at the bright side.)

So last night I watched Not Another Teen Movie on HBO. (I think that’s what it was called.) What a weird experience. It was funny, totally disgusting, nostalgic, disgusting again. I was either laughing out loud, wincing, or horrified throughout. Which I guess is saying something. What I want to know is, was this really marketed to teenagers? I mean, God, some of it was so horrifyingly offensive: maybe I’m just old and prudish, but really. I did love the eighties references, though. Eventually they will be beyond nostalgia and Just Plain Sad, but for now at least I can claim that as part of my history.

Now, I’m off to teach. In my damp clothes. Sniffling. But it’s not cold! It’s not!

*smiles cheerily*

have a good day everyone….