So my publisher is doing a little high school flashback thing for a publication they’re putting out, and this morning I had to answer some questions about my high school experience. Which was sort of weird. You’d think I’d think about high school a lot, considering the books I write are all set there, but honestly I don’t. If I did, living here in my hometown, where I *went* to high school, it would be hard to function. I have a hard enough time thinking of myself as an Adult (note the capitals) without remembering all those things about those years all the time. But every once in awhile, like today, I’m sort of obliged to think back.

They asked me about my crushes. I immediately thought of this boy who was a year ahead of me, a soccer player. I was in tenth grade and one of many who was madly in love with him. (I’m sure he had no idea who I was.) He had the best legs. That I remember. Me and my friends would walk behind him to first period and just swoon. Seriously.


I also had a crush on this older guy who was in a band and worked at this place downtown where we hung out after school. He was very tortured seeming, which I found incredibly appealing. Then I actually went out on a date with him and he spent the entire time driving around looking for a restaurant that he didn’t think was too expensive. Sort of ruined the moment, not to mention the illusion.

*sigh, again*

And then there was my punk rocker boy, the one I was mad for. The one I timed my exits from homeroom so I’d be right near him as he went down the stairs. The one I thought would never look twice at me. But he did. And now he cooks me veggie burgers and tater tots, and puts up with my whining when I’m sick. I am a lucky girl.


They also want me to send along a picture from high school. (Altogether now: yikes!) I am bracing myself to go through my old photo album (once I locate it) to find one where I am not sporting big, curling-iron styled hair, a tie-dye, or one of my own seemingly tortured expressions. Wish me luck.

have a good day, everyone….