Oh, mercy. My team lost last night.

(If you’re a sports fan, and you want the brutal details, go here).

I grew up worshipping Carolina basketball. It’s just part of living here: you have to. And, part of living here in Chapel Hill is also that you *must* hate Duke. With a passion. The way you’d hate someone who insults your mother. So this rivalry has been going on forever, since before recorded time. (Okay, maybe not that long, but you get the idea.) And every year, we have to play them twice. Once there, once here.

We haven’t won in awhile. It’s really getting kind of depressing.

Last night was a truly sloppy game. Way too many turnovers, shots that just missed the basket by miles, entirely too many moments when I, and all assembled at my house, said, “What the hell was THAT?” Oh, the shame. But then, Duke pulled it together in the last five minutes or so and ran away with the game. I predicted it. It happened. End of story.


I don’t get as upset as I used to. There was a time when I would wake up the morning of the game and my stomach would hurt all day. You would have thought I was going to play by how nervous I was. I see this same passion in my students now, which is a good thing. It’s better to be so involved when you’re younger. A little unhealthy if I was still that obsessed now. Although I would like to see us win. Please. Can we? Maybe?

I guess we’ll find out in March.

In other news of winning, and losing, is anyone really surprised that the Bachelor and the girl he picked on the final show have called off their “engagement’? I mean, people, really. Relationships are hard enough even if they’re not orchestrated in front of millions on TV. And anyone who saw how stiff they were together on the talk shows after the show ended could tell this was not going to end well. I don’t even watch that show—I have issues—but there’s just something wrong about trying to find your one and only that way.

Tonight, I am going to try and not watch the Michael Jackson documentary on ABC. I have a feeling I will not be succeeding. He’s like a train wreck: you can’t tear your eyes away, as awful as it looks. They keep showing bits of it on GMA and I’m just disgusted/fascinated. (Pretty much my reaction to all TV lately.) Oh, sad. I need some real culture. Maybe I’ll watch PBS all weekend. Or watch no TV at all. Maybe, I’ll listen to opera and watch foreign films without subtitles.

Will that really make me a better person?

This is a hard question to answer, along with Will Carolina ever return to the days of Dean Smith glory? And will reality television spell the end of civilization as we know it? And will I EVER get over this stupid cold I’ve had for over a week now?

*soap opera climactic music playing*

All will be revealed, I suppose. Eventually.

have a good day everyone…..