Good morning.

Well. It’s been quite a weekend. Starting with seeing the trailer on TRL on Friday afternoon, and ending yesterday when I went to see How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days and there it was, boom!, on the big screen. Yikes. I was by myself, which meant I had no one’s arm to squeeze, or leg to poke in a Oh-My-God-Look sort of way. I was, however, beaming, as well as entirely too excited. The people behind me must have though I am a pathologically scary Mandy Moore fan. Oh, well.

(I did like How to Lose a Guy, by the way. Thought it was funny and cute. And I jush *wish* I was Kate Hudson, don’t you? She’s so cute and bubbly and you just think, watching her there or on that MTV Diary, that she must be happy like, all the time. She doesn’t grumble or snap, ever, I bet. I am going to try to channel her, I swear. I really am.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who left comments about the trailer…I’m trying hard not to dwell on it and make everyone sick of me, but it’s just really exciting. I know that some folks are going to be annoyed that the movie is different from the books. But it was pretty much unavoidable. I’m really happy with all of it, because I feel like the books will always be me, the way I want them. They’re just a jumping off point, and the movie will have its own life. Hopefully, it will bring people to the books, if they’re interested, and then they’ll see where it all started. That’s my hope, anyway.

Also, to clear things up, because people have been asking: the book that’s coming out, How To Deal, is NOTa new book by me. The cover is different but it is essentially Someone Like You and That Summer in one volume, together. I just don’t want people to be confused. Okay? Okay.

As for today, well, it’s Monday. I am slogging through all these things I Have To Do (phone calls, email, papers to grade, groceries to buy, etc). Obligations, grownup style. Sigh. In that vein, go check out this little tidbit sent to me by Creative Writing administrator extraordinaire, Lisa: made me laugh, anyway. And we all need that on a Monday, right?

(At least this week there’s Valentine Candy to look forward to….yum!)

have a good day, everyone….