Oscar nominations are in!

This is always very exciting, the day they’re announced. What stinks is how few of the nominated movies I’ve actually seen…as in, hardly any at all. I’ve GOT to get out more often. The Hours: nope. Chicago: nope. Adaptation: double nope. Sheesh. It’s almost embarrassing.

(Check out the entire list of nominees here. )

When I finish this book I’m working on, I will go to the movies. And clean out my pantry, which is cluttered and overflowing. And pay more attention to my dogs, who look at me longingly, toys gripped in their mouths, as I pass by on my way upstairs to work. (It’s so Cat’s In the Cradle I can’t even stand it.) But when I’m working, things just tend to slide. It’s just how it is.

I am so happy Renee was nominated. I love her, as I’ve said a million times here before. It looks to be the year of the woman, by the looks of the nominees list: Nicole, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, and Virginia Woolf’s all over the place. Go estrogen!

(Can you tell I love the Oscars? I’m totally over-using the exclamation point in this entry. But you have to love it when Eminem, of all people, could actually win something. I mean, really.)

have a good day, everyone…….