When I was younger, Valentine’s Day was all about romance. Now, it’s about chocolate.

I brought candy to my class this morning: 9:30 am is mighty early to start a sugar habit, but oh, well. From now until the end of tomorrow, all good eating bets are off….it doesn’t help that Bianca gave me truffles (truffles!) for a V-day gift. That she made them from scratch, which is just crazy to me. I said, “That’s amazing!” and she just shrugged, saying, “Oh, everybody makes truffles.” Like it’s as easy as making a sandwich, or mac and cheese (about the limits of my own culinary endeavors). It’s no wonder that when we have her over for dinner, we order in.

I remember back in junior high and high school you could order carnations for people and they’d be delivered in homeroom. There was always that horrible moment when someone would appear in the doorway, flower in hand, and everyone would wonder if it was for them. I got one, back in eighth grade: I think I still have the card, somewhere. It was from a guy I actually didn’t like, you know, that way. Oh, that was not fun. I felt bad enough already, but the flower just sort of did me in.

(I never got flowers from the boys I actually liked. They were never the flower types, anyway, but even if they were they never liked me. Funny about that.)

(Not funny ha-ha. Funny sad. You know.)


Meanwhile, we’re on alert. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about it, exactly, other than sit at home and feel myself stressing out, or assume the crash position and wait for the sky to fall. Neither seems like a good way to spend a Thursday, to be honest. So I guess I’ll just go with that old standby, denial. Works every time!

have a good day, everyone…