I haven’t updated in a few days….bad writergrl!

To be honest, not a lot is happening, and I’d like to think I’m a good enough writer to make even my most dull day sound positively scintillating, but frankly, sometimes I just can’t do it. Do you really want to hear about how I went to the grocery store, the bank, then had soup and took a nap?

(I didn’t think so.)

I think there are always lulls in life, and it usually means that you’re meant to be gathering energy for what’s coming next, whatever that will be. (Sorry to get New-Agey on you, but I do believe this, really.) So whenever things get really slow and boring I try to remind myself that soon, really soon, things are gonna start HAPPENING. So I’d better relish this peace and quiet while I can.

This is the same attitude I try to employ when everything is going bad all at once, when I have one of those horrible days when it just seems like fate is out to get me: you know, when you bounce a check, lock yourself out of the house, have a fight with someone you care about, and spill ketchup on your new white sweater, all within the space of about twenty-four hours. All this bad stuff is happening now, I say through clenched teeth, because something really *good* is about to happen, and the universe needs balance, it just does. So ride it out. Or try to. This works, too, although not all the time. Sometimes, you really do just have to sit down and scream yourself hoarse, and nothing less will do. I recommend it. Highly.

(That reminds me, actually, of my days working at the Burrito…when things got horrible, and I had some table that was making me crazy, or I’d just been stiffed on a big tip, or whatever, I’d just go into the walk-in cooler, shut the door, and scream. I wasn’t the only one, either. You’d walk by every once in a while and see someone else in there, mouth poised in a perfect O, wailing soundlessly. The restaurant business doesn’t pay all that well…have to get therapy howeve you can, I guess.)

*reads over what’s been written so far*

How did I get onto this subject? Sheesh. Talk about digressing.

Anyway. So it’s Friday. I’m going to attempt to go out and do something dynamic, so I WILL have something to write about here that is interesting even without embellishment. Really! I am!

have a good day, everyone…