So today, as we walked out of the restaurant where ate lunch, the sky was dark, with whirling black clouds rushing past overhead. Uh-oh.

Get in the truck, turn on the radio as we pull out into the street. Tornado warning just issued for our area, we hear from in the flat monotone that such news is always delivered by the national weather service. Meanwhile, rain in just gushing down on us, in torrents, sideways, the streets are already flooding, things flapping past (tree limbs, signs, leaves) and of course I’m clutching the armrest freaking out because I am scared of a lot of things but tornadoes rank right up there. Oh, goodness.

The good news is that as we drive towards our house, the sky lightens, bit by bit. It’s still pouring, and there are trees and branches (and recycling bins—you gotta pick those up, not leave them at the curb!) all over the streets. By the time we get to our house, the rain is less a monsoon and more just a hard drizzle. And the tornado, if that was what it was, has moved on, over, to another county.

Still. I mean, is it just me, or aren’t we getting hit from all sides lately? War. Terrorism. People dying in nightclubs. Oil refinery infernos. Little girls just a few miles away from here suffering botched organ transplants. What a week it has been. Really.

(I called my mother to see what happened over there, and she said she was watching a video. When she cut it off, the local news popped up saying a tornado had been spotted in Chapel Hill at 12:10. She looked at her clock: it was 12:10. Needless to say, she was a little panicked. Wouldn’t you be?)

Because of all of this, I am really working on thinking about good things today. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a bunch, with so much else crowding your vision. But there are still wonderful things happening, every minute. At least that’s what I want to believe. I really, really do.

have a good day everyone…..