Good morning.

Yesterday, I played hooky from writing and went to a mother-daughter book club. It was just what I needed, I have to say. I’ve working away, living my hermit-like life (always sort of necessary for me when I’m writing) and being out with people who have actually read my books and have things they want to ask about them just sort of reminded me about why I like to do this so much. They had read both Keeping the Moon (Last Chance to you UK folks) and That Summer, and the girls especially had so many good questions. It’s always kind of weird for me to discuss That Summer because I wrote it so long ago…it’s hard to remember where a lot of the ideas for the plot and characters came from. (Official proof, also, that I am getting old…I used to be able to remember everything!)

I think writing can be so solitary—many of you reading this are writers, so you know what I mean—and it’s especially so in my case since I’m so superstitious and weird about whatever I have in progress, and won’t discuss it with anyone, ever. Then, once you finish a book, there’s a long gap of time before you ever get to hear what real readers think…it’s the very defintion of delayed gratification, and no gratification is even guaranteed, which makes it even harder. So thanks to the girls and moms of the CFS book club for a bit of a confidence boost. I had a blast.

(They made devilled eggs for me, too. How cool is that?)

And now today is Monday. I am trying to be productive, paying bills, organizing things, going to see my accountant (so scary, taxes, dear god help me please). I really want to skip out on working again and go see Chicago, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to live with myself. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see, I guess.

Also: I watched the Grammys last night, and was it just me, or was the sound quality really awful? It just seemed weird to me…nobody sounded good. Maybe it was just my TV or something. The whole thing had this weird feel to it, like something was just off. Or maybe I’m just crazy. Entirely possible, if not likely.


Crazy or not, the sun is out today. It’s going to be sixty degrees. The rain and clouds move back in later in the week, but for now, the day looks good. I think I’m going outside.

have a good day everyone!