So I’m really trying to kick my addiction to Starbucks bottled frappuccinos. (Which are, in case you’re not familiar with them, “a lowfat creamy blend of starbucks coffee and milk.” That’s from right off the label, folks!) I drink about one of these a day…to be honest, I’m a little bit dependent on them, especially on days that I teach. I am convinced that otherwise I would drag myself into class, listless and slothlike, when instead it is crucial that I be energetic and Ready To Lead The Days Lesson.

*pops one open, takes a sip*

Ahhh. See, that’s just plain good.

A couple of years ago, when I was planning my wedding (and went slightly psycho, like most brides-to-be) I was drinking a lot of caffeine. A LOT. As in, real Starbucks double mochas, one before classes, sometimes one after. Me on that much expresso is a truly scary thing. I get all jabbery and talkative, and happy, and then a couple of hours later I just crash. Usually, there is weeping. I really should just stay away from all stimulants. If you know me, you’ll vouch for the fact that I’m already jacked up enough as it is.

*takes another sip*

These things are sort of a compromise between me and my nervous system. I definitely feel them, but I can usually handle the effects. Plus, there’s chocolate. I mean, what more can you ask for? A few months back I did a school visit in South Carolina, and the people there had read my journal (where I have mentioned this addiction before) and had a four pack of Fraps waiting for me. Ahhhh. So nice. I drank two (which I hardly ever do) and got a bit too excited. Live and learn, I guess. As for now, I’ll finish this one off and head downstairs for another big day in Intro. Feeling peppy. Cheerful. And it’s *almost* all natural…

have a good day everyone!