Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?
Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?


See? That’s nice. I’ve said before I’m a muppet fan, but really I’m all about Gonzo. But still, Big Bird is Big Bird. I’m not complaining.

Well, it’s looking like the weather’s about to turn here again. I am sick of talking and hearing about it. I was talking with a woman who’s a therapist the other day and she was saying that more and more of her clients are coming in complaining about the weather, constantly, that it’s like a phenomenon. And that she thinks it’s really about the state of the world: war, terrorism, all things that we have absolutely no control over, whereas we’ve always had no control over the weather, but at least we’re used to that. Better to worry about the familiar than the unfamiliar, I guess.

Paging Sigmund Freud. But I think it makes sense, actually.

As for me, I’ve lost my gloves, so I hope it doesn’t get too nasty. All the stores are selling tank tops and flip flops, so buying a new pair is pretty much out of the question. I think I have a pair of mittens my mom knitted me around here someplace…maybe I’ll buy a pair of those little clips to attach them to my coat, so I can’t lose them. Remember those things?

God, I’m really regressing. Must be the weather. No! The war! The orange alert. Or, the fact that I haven’t had coffee. Yes. That’s what I need.

have a good day everyone!