Go Oprah!

First, she’s in the news for bringing back not only her book club, but the classics. And now she’s the first black woman on the billionaire list. How cool is that?

I love Oprah. Always have. One of my all-time favorite quotes is one of hers, about luck. She said she didn’t really believe in pure luck, but that “Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.” I admire her because she really did everything totally on her own, against all kinds of odds. Talk about inspiration.

Anyway. Today is Friday, there’s ice on all the trees, and big chunks of it keep falling off my roof with huge crashing noises. (Yikes! There went another one.) It’s kind of pretty, all this ice, in a creepy sort of way. But I won’t miss it when it’s gone, that’s for sure.

This time next week, I will

*crosses fingers*

be on vacation, enjoying the start of my spring break. This is the trip that is taking the place of the other one we had to cancel because of the other ice storm. Ever get that feeling that life is entirely too circular? Me, too. But if all goes as it should, I’ll be in Florida laying by a pool, US Weekly in my lap and margarita in my hand. Ahhhhhhh.

have a good day everyone!