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Look at this. All my life I’ve wanted to have a connection to Madonna…now we sort of have the same publisher. That is so cool.

(Although really, back in the “Borderline” or, for that matter, “Justify My Love” days, would you ever have equated Madonna with children’s books? Me either. Oh, well. That’s what’s so cool about her anyway. She never stays the same.)

Well, it’s Monday. Four days until vacation officially begins, and I can’t wait. Meanwhile I have errands to run and packing to do and dogs to bathe. This last thing I am totally not looking forward to, as it involves first chasing them down, then dragging them into the bathroom, then getting splashed repeatedly while trying to prevent them from escaping. Then, once done, they tear through the house, shaking water everywhere and leaving slick trails across all the floors. It’s madness.

(Maybe I’ll put that off till tomorrow, actually.)

have a good day everyone!