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Official signs that spring is about to be sprung: yesterday, on campus, I saw the redbud trees (at least I think they were redbuds) budding: tiny pink flowers bursting off the branches. Then, seconds later, I saw a guy walking a puppy across the quad. You know what this means. It’s almost here.

(The puppy thing always gets me. Around this time through June or so, you see guys with adorable dogs walking across campus, and invariably they get stopped every few feet or so by a female cooing over the puppy. Guaranteed babe magnet, I’ve heard students tell me. But who doesn’t love a puppy? Mine is almost one now, but when he was little and more easily portable I brought him down to campus, not to pick up guys but just to show him off. Maybe if I’d been single someone would have hit on me, who knows. It could happen.)

Meanwhile, the world is just getting wackier and wackier. I’m trying to not check Google News constantly, as I am wont to do, and I have made a promise ot myself to only skim the paper and not read every very scary article about the State of the World in full. So far I’m not doing so well, but there’s always tomorrow, right?

The other thing I’m supposed to do today: go bathing suit shopping. (talk about scary)


I know. I just don’t think I’m up for it. Would you be?

have a good day everyone….