I’m back.

What a great vacation. We got off the plane in Florida and it was, literally, eighty-five degrees. It was about thirty when we left here, and the transformation was so surreal: like skipping from winter to summer in less than three hours. Amazing.

The flight down was so bumpy, I was sure I was going to die. (But then again, on planes, I am always sure I am going to die. God, I hate flying. HATE IT!) But then we landed, and walked out into this amazing, bright Florida sunshine. Everyone’s walking around in shorts and T-shirts, I’m in jeans…but an hour later I’m at the pool, with pelicans swooping overhead and a fresh frothy drink on the table beside me. I came home rested, sunburned, happy. Good God. It convinced me that yes, summer will finally get here. But it was nice to have an early taste of it.

Meanwhile, exciting things were happening. While This Lullaby did not win the Borders Original Voices prize (it went to Clive Barker, and how cool is that) it was nominated for a LA Times Book Prize, which is so very exciting. I get to go to LA and everything….although with the whole flying thing (See above) I may have to be medicated. Seriously.

In other news, thanks to everyone to who suggested good vacation reads. As it ended up, during my time in Florida I read Shopaholic Ties the Knot, by Sophie Kinsella (so enjoyable, perfect pool reading), Electroboy (twisted, fascinating, read it in a day) by Andy Behrman and now I’m into Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells, which I’m liking much more than the Ya-Ya book, to be honest. It’s so fun to read for fun. I miss it, with all the other reading I find myself having to do. Nothing like a good beach book, and reading it with a fantastic ocean view makes it that much better.

So now I’m back. Still on Spring Break, which is awesome, and I am telling anyone who will listen about how I am On Vacation Thank You Very Much. (Have to make the most of it, right?) It’s nice here today, not eighy-five but hey, not thirty-five either. Can’t complain. Can’t complain at all.

have a good day everyone!