So this is kind of cool: That Summer and Someone Like You are now audio books. I think it’s going to be so weird for me to hear someone else reading my stuff aloud: I’m so used to how it sounds in my voice. But it should be interesting, at any rate.

This movie thing is so bizarre because suddenly things are just happening, like the audio book thing, that no one was ever interested in really doing before. My publisher also just sent me a copy of the paperback tie-in for the movie: it’s gorgeous, but who would have ever thought I’d share any kind of billing with Mandy Moore. Totally bizarre. Cool, but bizarre.

In other news, last night, on the ABC Family Channel, they were showing Girls Just Want to Have Fun, starring a very young Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt, as well as Shannen Doherty and Jonathan Silverman. I have seen this movie before but it always puts me into eighties nostagia overdrive. I was looking at some of SJP’s outfits thinking, oh, my God, I think I actually OWNED that shirt. Really! It’s the cheesiest movie I think I’ve ever seen (which is really saying something) but I love it. Love it. I think I need to buy it on DVD and have a total cheeseball dance movie double feature, with that and Center Stage. I only flipped away because my husband was glaring at me. (He’s been forced to sit through it before, bless his heart. Center Stage, too. Bless his heart.)

have a good day everyone!