Yikes, what a busy couple of days. You know that feeling when you’ve just been going nonstop but then, when you stop and try to think back to what has been keeping you so occupied, you can’t even remember? That’s me right now. I know I’ve been crazy busy, but can’t say exactly what’s been keeping me that way. All I know is I know have about fifteen minutes to come up for air and dammit, I’m taking it.

*deep breath*

Ahhh. That’s better.

What I DO know I’ve been doing is getting to spend a very short period of time with my lovely cousin birdonawireannamo, which was just so nice. She and some friends from Smith passed through and stayed at our humble abode. I love having houseguests. I bought entirely too much breakfast food, then forced it upon them—poptarts, donuts, bagels, orange juice—I just wouldn’t leave them alone about eating. Somewhere, my Jewish grandmother was smiling.

Monkey, my boxer puppy, ate too: he chewed up one of Anna’s shoes, so embarrassing. At least it was hers…somehow it’s easier to apologize to family. Maybe because we’re more used to it? I don’t know. She was a great sport, but you Metoxit types reading this knew that already.

Now, the next half of the semester begins. I’m ready. Rested. Somewhat tanned (actually, I’m peeling, and I am such a sunscreen nazi…but that’s Florida for you, you can have SPF 30 and a hat and still burn. Sheesh!). Only about a month and a half to go. Wish me luck!

have a good day everyone….