Friday. The day when new movies are released. But go to Google Entertainment News, and you’ll find each one of them pretty much panned. Even View From the Top, which I was somewhat looking forward to because it has Gwyneth in it, not to mention Mike Myers, and because it looked like it might be, well, funny. And I need funny now. Don’t you? If anyone goes to see it this weekend and *likes* it, let me know. I should know better than to accept reviews on face value anyway…but still, it’s hard to get past your initial impression of something.

(Still haven’t seen The Hours, or Chicago, or Adapation, or…anything. And the Oscars are on Sunday! Time is running out!)

Last night I attended a fancy university banquet. It was held in the Morehead Planetarium Ballroom, which is legendary because the design of the room makes it so wherever you’re sitting, you can clearly hear conversations from across the room. (It’s something in the shape of the ceiling, bouncing echoes, something like that.) Anyway, I was with my dad, who always warns me about this, because you have to be careful what you say since someone, often diagonally across the room, can hear you about as clearly as if you were sitting right next to them. It’s so bizarre. I had trouble hearing the woman beside me, but I could make out entire conversations someone was having at a distant table about the NCAA tournament and other topics.

(There’s a metaphor, or some sort of deep symbolism in this. I’m just not sure what it is, too early to get that deep.)

In other news, I must plug Dar Williams and her new album, The Beauty of the Rain, which I have pretty much been listening to nonstop since I got it. It’s so pretty, and sweet sounding…a little sad, but just sad enough. “Farewell to the Old Me” has been in my head for days now, which, I have to say, is not a bad thing. Not at all.

have a good day everyone!