There’s something so heartening about a good cause. I’m working on my charity stuff for this year, and this is now at the *top* of my list. So cool.

Well, yesterday was beautiful here. BEAUTIFUL. The kind of day I was dreaming about in early December, when the power was out and my nose was running and I was in total and complete misery. Now, here, things are blooming. The trees are all colorful, there was the slightest breeze, and it just felt like heaven. We had class outside, which was so fun, although we did have to shout over the construction going on nearby. There is *always* construction going on at UNC. It’s as much as part of the spring as the trees and the bees and the coeds in bikins sunning themselves in front of of the dorms.

Speaking of UNC, for you local types, there’s an adaptation of Dreamland going on this weekend, which was put together by one of my former students, the wonderful Laura Fine, and directed by the equally magnificent Erica Butler. It’s in 203 Bingham Hall, at 8pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. Admission is 5 for students and UNC folks, 7 bucks for general public, which, when you think about it, is hardly anything to pay for two hours of kick-ass dramatic entertainment. So come if you can!

have a good day everyone….