So, last night we went to see the Dreamland adaptation. It was *wonderful*. So amazing and innovative, and, well, emotional, I have to say. It was so weird because they pointed me out before it began as the author and then when things got so heavy, like when Caitlin was getting beaten, and I found myself truly shaken, I felt like I had to hold it together. Hard to do! It’s one thing to write the book, another to read it aloud in front of people. But sitting, watching, as your characters move around and talk and feel, it’s something else entirely. Truly a sort of out of body experience. Bianca was next to me and I could hear her getting weepy and knew, from fifteen or so years of experience with her in such things, that I absolutely could not look at her or else I was just going to lose it. (This was the case at my wedding, and at her wedding, as well.) I think we were okay. But I highly recommend the show if you’re here in Chapel Hill. It’s really something.

In other news, it’s Friday. This morning, before I allow myself to go to Sephora and purchase a new eyelash curler and a new lipstick, I have decided I must clean out my closet. I am going to be tough this time, really. Which means I am going to throw out anything I haven’t worn at least once this winter. No sentimentality, no oh-but-maybe-next-year-who-knows nonsense. NO. It’s all going to the thrift shop. Because I really want to buy a lipstick today.

(The carrot on the stick approach has always worked well for me. Write for an hour and a half, and you can watch Oprah. Grade two papers, you can have a mocha. And so on. It’s all about incentive.)

have a good day everyone!