It’s raining and it’s cold. Last night I was walking across campus and it was positively balmy…a couple of hours later, the temperature had dropped something like ten degrees. Honestly!

This afternoon/evening we have to go out and cover up all our plants to protect them from a possible frost. I have one, brave tulip that is blooming….I swear, winter and cold weather this year is like that friend that comes to stay one night and then never gets up off your freaking couch. Instead, he just sits there in his underwear, eating all your snack foods and reprogramming your remote while you sit seething in the other room, planning a hundred ways to kick him out, all of them violently.

(I actually do sort of know folks like this. But I digress.)

However, it is Sunday, and I did spend most of this raining morning in bed reading Entertainment Weekly from cover to cover. God, I love that. And by Thursday, it’s going to be almost eighty degrees.

*looks out window at rain*

It’s only a few days away.

have a good day everyone!