Do you ever have those days where you just get really paranoid about communications?

Today I swear my email isn’t working. And my phone is being weird too. Normally, I’d be happy about this, as I feel like I am constantly wading through the hell that is my index and voicemail, but today it’s making me feel a little out of sorts. Maybe it’s a sunspot thing. Or a karmic thing. Maybe, it’s a sign.


Or maybe not.

Yesterday, it snowed here. Really. We sat and looked out the window, incredulous. On Thursday we’ll be wearing shorts. Good God. The weather is as conflicted as I am, and that’s saying something.

Speaking of Spring, I saw Mandy Moore on MTV this weekend. She’s, like, everywhere. I think the first time I see her and she’s talking about How To Deal I’m going to flip out. Just too exciting. The show she was on was kind of bizarre, called Girl Makes Band. All the girls who were competing were in bikinis, and they all had perfect bodies. Coincidence? I wonder. I mean, do all Spring Breakers look that good and feel that comfortable wearing a bathing suit in front of the world? I know I didn’t then, nor do I now. But that’s just me.

Speaking of perfect bodies, I’m going to eat some cookies. Yum.

have a good day everyone!