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It’s April Fool’s Day, and one of my students brought a remote control fart machine to class. He set it up behind this projector we never use, and during announcements it just started making noises. I thought it was the guy next to me, who kept saying, “Dude, it’s not me!” And hilarity ensued. It was very fifth grade and very funny, I must admit. But I am a gullible sort, so I *hate* April Fool’s Day.

My dog Elwood would have been 13 today. I always think of him on April 1st. I used to put him in the car and drive to Hardee’s or McDonald’s and go through the drive-thru, with him sticking his head out the window. He was a Great Dane mix, huge, and always the people that handed me out my plain hamburger were a bit freaked at the sight of him, tongue hanging out and panting at them. I’d take off the bun and toss back the burger and he’d gulp it down, and then we’d drive home, him slobbering all over the window. God, I really miss him sometimes. He was such a good dog.

We have four weeks or so left until the end of classes. After the slow crawl of January and February, suddenly time is speeding up. It will be summer before I know it, which means all the good things: devilled eggs. Sandals. Sleeping with the ceiling fan on. Summer movies (!) Can’t wait, can’t wait. It’s seeming closer than ever, now…

have a good day everyone!