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So every day on my way into school I pick up a copy of our student paper, The Daily Tarheel. (True confession: I don’t really get my news from it—I mostly just read it for the horoscope—today is a 7, apparently—and to see if I recognize any names in the police blotter.) But anyway, there are often inserts that fall out when you first grab your paper: things about local restaurants, or apartments looking to rent to students, stuff like that. Today, the insert was a promotional CD from Wal-Mart, featuring music videos, video game previews and movie previews. And what’s one of the movie preview? How to Deal. (The others, for those Looking For Some Sort of Theme, are Dreamcatcher, Terminator 3, A Man Apart, and What A Girl Wants. I know, me neither.) As usual there was a big pile of these inserts next to the paper box, where people discard them, so I picked up a couple. Or four. You know, I mean, they were right there and everything.

(So very sad, I am. 🙂

In other news, tonight on TV: Lisa Marie and Diane Sawyer. I have to say, I’m intrigued. Maybe I’ve just been getting too much bad news on the TV lately (and the radio, and the paper) but I think I could use a shot of pop culture. I mean, what’s not to like about Lisa Marie? She’s the daughter of Elvis. (And let’s face it: nobody else can say that.) She’s been married to Michael Jackson. (Okay, one other person can say that, but is Elvis her dad? Nope.) And she’s been married to Nicolas Cage for two months. (Again, alone in the category.) Now I just have to stay up until ten. Maybe I’ll take a nap today. I think it just might be worth it.

have a good day everyone!